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Though PDA devices are not exactly as popular as they once were, many of these devices still exist. Many gamblers even have a PDA as part of their cellular phone, and players have been asking for PDA poker in order to utilize these devices as a money making tool or one for entertainment. Unfortunately, PDA poker is not exactly in common usage. As of yet, no online poker rooms have yet established a poker room capable of operating off of a PDA device. PDA Online Poker is a possibility, however, as the time may soon arrive when the PDA devices grow powerful enough to contend with all that the poker rooms have to offer.

Poker Sites for PDA Users

*At this time, Bovada is still developing poker software for PDA users. It should be available shortly

Bovada has a USA Online Poker room that works for through the flash plug in. Flash can let players access poker games from their browser, and the increasing strength of this poker room. Since the flash plug in may soon be adapted for USA PDA poker devices, you will be able to enjoy the poker games that you were previously limited to use through land based poker rooms and computers. The 110% match bonus through Bovada is also a great way to augment your bankroll. This will give up to $1,100 dollars in free money. The 10% match bonus is given up front, though you will not see the remaining portion of the money until you unlock the funds through your frequent player points. Visit Bovada Poker

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