Gambling Robbery Goes Awry In West Virginia, Assailant Takes Bullet

September 9th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

A failed gambling heist in West Virginia has scored a point for civil rights, while proving to criminals that the risk is rarely worth the reward.

Just after midnight on September 8th, a young male walked into Teresa’s Cafe wearing a bandana over his face. Armed with a shot gun, Chad Wehrle, 30, demanded that everyone within the establishment hit the floor.

Wehrle has demanded money from the gaming establishment, a video lottery center, and was met with Resistance. Douglas James, an employee of the store, had risen from the floor with a .44 handgun and fired two shots at Wehrle, according to Johnny Rutherford, Chief Deputy of Kanawha County.

One of James’s shots hit Wehrle in the arm. Wehrle had exited the building after taking the bullet, and began to fire his weapon. After a brief exchange of gunfire between the store employee and the failure of a thief, Wehrle had fled from the scene.

The second rate criminal was described as being between 25 and 30, weighing roughly 180 pounds, and a white male wearing dark clothing.

Wehrle was apprehended when he went to the hospital almost an hour later in order to receive treatment for his wounds.

James will not be charged.

Being that most states have either concealed carry laws or stand your ground laws, with the occasional castle doctrine, being a criminal has become, on the whole, a much more dangerous choice of profession.

Due to the castle doctrine, which states that a citizen may defend his or her self with potentially lethal force if necessary, USA online gambling is perhaps the safest way to get into the games. Online casinos do not require players to leave their home.

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