Arkansas Lottery Gamblers Receive Automated Ticket Machines

August 22nd, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

Waiting in line for lottery tickets can grow exhausting, but the Arkansas Lottery Commission has approved a set of rules that would bring automated vending machines the state.

In order to operate the machines, players will have to adhere to a few restrictions. In order to even use the machines, a state issued identification card must be swiped through the machine.

Minors gambling illegal was one of the major concerns held over the machines in the state. The Arkansas Lottery Commission has put the ID requirement in place in order to quell the rising apprehension towards the machines.

Despite the regulations that have been put in effect, opponents are still working to have the machines made illegal.

The lottery in the state has already generated over $380 million dollars for college scholarships over the last fiscal year.

The youthful Arkansas lottery gambling industry has been growing over the year in which it has been active. The vending machines are set to bring players easier access to the new form of gambling in the state.

Arkansas has not yet regulated the Arkansas Online Gambling industry, but they have not put an express ban on the games. The next form of lottery expansion could come to the Internet, particularly with the possibility of buying lottery tickets without leaving the home.

It is doubtful that online casinos will become privately regulated by the state of Arkansas.

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