Guest List At Michael Vick’s Party Draws Criticism

June 27, 2010 – By John Ritter

So remember that time when Michael Vick swore he would rearrange his life in order to continue his football career?

He has been relatively clean for over a year, but a new development in the shooting at his birthday party may spiral out of control if it can be proved he is still hanging out with the wrong crowd.

What first started out as a peculiar shooting may wind up providing the NFL with enough circumstantial evidence to assume that Vick is still making poor choices after his reinstatement.

According to the guest list obtained by ProFootballTalk, Vick’s birthday party, which was the location of the shooting of Quanis Phillips, included the name Delicia Cordon. Those of you not familiar with the name should know Cordon was once arrested with Vick’s brother, Marcus in 2008. Police apprehended Marcus for a DUI charge and the Palm Beach Post described Cordon as “a dead beat, according to court records (who has six racy MySpace pages in her name.”

That doesn’t prove any wrong doing on Michael’s part, but as PFT indicates, may send red flags that he is still hanging with a negative crowd.

Per the terms of his reinstatement and probation, Vick was barred from having any associations with any of his dogfighting partners. Phillips was one such partner, but was not on the guest list when he showed up to the party. An argument broke out between he and Vick, possibly about the guest list, and Phillips was later shot.

Cordon has a long history of illicit behavior, and even once sued Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown.

Vick apparently also just told kids at a football camp to “Pick and choose your friends carefully. You just can’t put yourself in vulnerable situations.”

Vick is slated to be the Eagles’ backup quarterback next season behind Kevin Kolb. He threw one touchdown during the 2009 NFL Season, but managed a rating of 93.8.

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