Kate Gosselin Dances Herself Right Off Of Dancing With The Stars

April 26th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Week 5 of Dancing With The Stars brought some disappointing news for reality TV mom Kate Gosselin, as she and partner Tony were the next to be voted off DWTS. Tony and Kate certainly had some bright moments in the spotlight, but ultimately not entertaining enough to keep them there.

For weeks now, Kate has been expected to be voted off the show at any given moment, but has lasted a lot longer than most viewers originally anticipated. Since the start of the season, Kate has shown much dedication in wanting to take her dancing skills or lack there of, to a new level, and while there was some improvement on her end, her partner Tony can take credit for making her performances bare able to watch.

Some viewers believe that Kate’s focus was more on becoming famous, rather than her dedication to the show. Kate has been criticized for even accepting the invitation to be on the hit reality show Dancing With The Stars, saying that her time would be much better spent with her 8 small children. Seeing as how the divorce of Kate and Jon Gosselin has been made very public and there is little if any privacy among their personal matters, it is a well known fact that their financial situation has come into question many times, and that it very well may have been necessary for Kate to pick up this gig in order to care for her children financially.

Kate Gosselin has come and gone on Dancing With The Stars, and the champion title may very well be up for grabs by Kate’s very own personal competitor, Pamela Anderson. Sources say that these two Dancing With The Stars beauties had a little more competition amongst the two of them than was originally portrayed in the reality series. While both maintain that they are fine with one another, it is a known fact that in reality television we do not always get to see the real drama behind the scenes.

With Kate now eliminated from the show, maybe some of the media attention can return back to what the show is about, Dancing With The Stars and how the professional dancers transform the celebrities into truly graceful dancers, in some cases that is. Online sportsbooks are offering entertainment betting lines on which star is more likely to take home the title and now online bettors can get in on the action.

Pamela Anderson    +2500
Nicole Scherzinger    +110
Chad Ochocinco    +1400
Evan Lysacek    +110
Erin Andrews    +1000
Niecy Nash    +8000
Jake Pavelka    +1600

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