Donation With Ties To Gambling Returned By Alabama Justice Tom Parker

October 26th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The Alabama gambling problem has been one of many consequences, including the indictment of multiple state officials. The most recent public official to be affected by the Alabama gambling issue is that of Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker.

While Parker is not amongst the indicted, nor has he seen any legal trouble, he has recently had to give a campaign contribution back from the political action committee (PAC) from which it had originated.

According to a Press-Register story published on Sunday, a total of $8,000 in campaign contributions came from the Step PAC and ended up in the Patriot PAC. The money was then passed along to Parker. The funds had reportedly come from a PAC that is funded by gambling interests in the state.

“We were not aware that these funds came from a PAC exclusively funded by gambling interests,” said Parker in a statement. “I made an internal decision early on not to seek or receive gambling funds, directly or indirectly, so even though this is a very small percentage of the funds my campaign had raised, I returned it.”

According to reports, the money was originally thought to come from law firms rather than gambling interests.

With elections coming up, the gambling issue in Alabama has grown even more important. While Alabama online gambling may not be a subject of debate as of yet, the industry on a whole is set to experience unknowns as the balance of power changes hand within the state.

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